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We've taken full ownership of the human resource management sector

Whyte Cleon (Ghana) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Whyte Cleon Nigeria with the goal to export her mantra of people first to other countries in the world.

It is said that Ghana is still a very young country beaming with many opportunities; and only the strong willed are able to leverage these opportunities, turning them to solid gold. From growing sectors such as Sports, Agriculture, Energy, Manufacturing, Technology, and Human Resource, Ghana’s capabilities are endless. As the economy of Ghana continues to grow, major international companies have either opened and are operating local offices or have partnered with indigenous companies to take full advantage of the seemingly stable economy as well as the overflowing business opportunities. In recent times, both local and multinational companies have gradually come to appreciate the need for an institution that can take full ownership of the Human Resource management Sector.

Companies are now open to the idea of outsourcing labour without necessarily owning the required labour force. We quickly recognized that these budding economic evolution will require specialized human capital to address the attendant increase in job opportunities. Finding the appropriate caliber of skilled labour involves a complicated process that requires authentic understanding of Human Capability Management.

After 12 years of partnering with various companies across diverse industries in the provision of Human Resource Management and Outsourcing Solutions in Nigeria; we are convinced that Ghana is a market that is rife for our expertise. So, on May 25, 2021, our office doors were opened to the Ghana business community for business as we intend to support clients in bridging the gap between Strategy Development, Talent Acquisition, Strategy Execution, Organizational Performance and Human Capital Investment.

We design specific beneficial people-centric solutions

In a bid to partner with our clients to take advantage of market opportunities; overcome business challenges and generate exceptional results; we constantly innovate to meet global standards and best practices.
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WhyteCleon leverages big data gathered from market intelligence and historical records in its decision making, strategy formation, product development, relationship and employee management.
May 25, 2022
WhyteCleon Ghana
Success Journey
official launch of Whyte Cleon Ghana at a breakfast meeting
November 21
WhyteCleon Ghana
Success Journey
First client onboarded
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