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A leading human resource outsourcing & management solutions provider in Nigeria.

Our strong pedigree and unmatched ability to serve clients and prospects more efficiently can be attributed to our culture of professionalism, expertise, integrity, excellence and commitment which has been studiously built over the years.


We design specific beneficial people-centric solutions


To be the preferred HR solutions provider

Our History

WhyteCleon Limited was incorporated in 2010 and commenced full operation immediately.

WhyteCleon leverages big data gathered from market intelligence and historical records in its decision making, strategy formation, product development, relationship and employee management.

Our wealth of experience has positioned us to deliver improved and strategic value added services to our clients’ corporate objectives.

WhyteCleon History
Company incorporation

Company incorporated with 1 client in the financial sector.

WhyteCleon History
Success Journey
  • Grew client base from 1 to 10 in more sectors.
  • Our staff strength increased from 800 – 1200.
  • We acquired an enterprise HRM software.
WhyteCleon History
Global Presence
  • Grew client base to 15.
  • Total staff strength over 1700.
  • Established presence in Kenya.
  • Collaborated with ADRIAN GOSTICK (A New York Times best-selling author) to deliver the First masterclass on Employee Engagement and Talent retention
WhyteCleon History
Success Journey
  • Grew client base to 24.
  • Acquisition of In-Sourcing limited.
  • Staff strength grew to 5,000.
  • Relocated Head Quarters from Ikeja to our Ultra modern Victoria Island Office.
WhyteCleon History
Success Journey
  • Grew client base to 31.
  • Staff strength grew to over 7,000.
  • WhyteCleon is issued ISO certification.

Team work

We work as a team, think as a team and deliver as a team. When thoughts and processes are synergized, output is optimized.


Respect is borne out of validating people, organizations and processes.


Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.
We keep our word.


At WhyteCleon, Professionalism is a driving force that shows in everything we do. From our processes to our people, professionalism is the active ingredient that ensures we deliver on our promise always.


As an organization, the soul of our business is resident with our people. Therefore, our strength lies in our ability to understand and share the feelings of others.

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WhyteCleon team

More About Us

Our Aim is to provide practical and bespoke solutions to suupport our clients in bridging the gap between Strategy Development, Talent Acquisition, Strategy Execution, Organizational Performance and Human Capital Investment. We design systems that align your needs and organizational vision while also monitoring progress towards your goals.

Our creative services and recommendations are influenced by years of field experience, academic research and benefits of seeing what works best for our clients. We advise, guide and support our clients to achieve and sustain workplace success.

WhyteCleon Limited partners with your organization to align talent acquisition with business strategies in order to generate a greater competitive advantage for you.

We develop specific employee outsourcing & recruitment solutions guaranteed to effect productivity, custommer satisfaction and organizational excellence which are specifically directed towards achieving higher profitability.

In a bid to partner with our clients to take advantage of market opportunities; overcome business challenges and generate exceptional results; we contantly innovate to meet global standards and best practices.

Teamwork, Integrity, Empathy, Professionalism and Respect for individuals are the ingredients of our philosophy. We believe that people matter, what we do matters, how we do it matters and that we can individually and collectively make a difference. Therefore, employee engagement, inovation and change management matters to us.